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We help you grow your business by connecting you with your customers-online! Sell direct to your customers via our online grocery shopping system that puts your produce front and centre.

Free to join, our dedicated team will help set up your storefront on Our platform, making the transition to selling online really easy. We'll even help you with the delivery process and customer service, so you can focus on what you do best - creating amazing fresh produce.

We're a family run business that's here for the little guy, to promote the interest of local food suppliers. We also share your beliefs and want to put your needs first. Partner with us today to get started!


We'd love to help your business flourish and share your produce with customers who'll love them!

It's FREE to register, and we'll be here to support you.

  • We'll help you get up and running on Our platform
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  • We bring the customer directly to you

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Customer Resolution Management

Should any customer become dissatisfied at any point, our platform will facilitate a strict resolution adherence process, offering our vendors complete control in resolving customer issues with a positive outcome, and avoid the possibility of a negative review.

Some frequently asked questions

Q. How do we manage deliveries?

You have complete control over your delivery schedule and processes. The only requirement is that you manage your customer expectations adequately, providing a guideline on how your delivery schedule works, and adhering to your delivery policy, as defined by you.

Q. What is the sign-up cost?

There are no sign-up fees. We only receive a small margin of 15% of the sale when you sell your products. We want Farm2Market to be a community of vendors that we can help support. Ultimately, we’re only making money if you’re making money and that's the way we like it.

Q. How will farm2market get me more customers?

At Farm2market we invest heavily into marketing to bring consumers looking to buy your products. We target customers in your delivery area with local advertising and direct social media marketing, so you don’t have to.

Q. What else can Farm2market do for me?

We are always looking at decreasing the distance between customers and vendors. We provide a shared freight integration service that you can use to deliver your products. We will continue to work with local freight operators to continually enhance this delivery process.

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