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Rick Norwood is a third generation “Fruit & Vegetable Farmer”, he has acquired his knowledge from his Grandfathers and Father, who also farmed in the Toogoolawah district. Rick & Jacquie are selling “spray free” award winning quality produce, to the township and surrounding areas. Rick and his wife Jacquie are honouring their heritage by keeping up with tradition. Their young family are already showing interest in the family business and can be found most times helping Mum and Dad in the garden or giving customers change. Jacquie has brought to the family venture, her talent of not only running the business, but preparing and creating preserves (which can be viewed on the “store” page).

This dynamic couple love to make plants grow, so not only can you find fruit and vegetables at this locally owned and run business, you will also find general plants herbs and so much more!


6 Great Benefits of eating what’s in season1. Tastes Better2. You’ll eat a wider variety of produce.3. Produce is fresher with a higher     nutritional value.4. Avoids overseas contaminates.5. Supports your body’s natural     nutritional needs.6. More environmentally friendly, less    transport and less refrigeration.

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Norwood Enterprises

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