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Lacon Creek Premium Grass Fed Meat

Our customers choose us because of how the cows are raised and grazed, because it’s all ... View more

Our customers choose us because of how the cows are raised and grazed, because it’s all 100% grass fed and because it is antibiotic and hormone free. 

They are the real deal... Born in the paddock, raised in the paddock and finished in the paddock! Antibiotic and Hormone Free.

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Lacon Creek Premium Grass Fed Meat

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Return Policy

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on any of our products due to their perishable nature. If you experience any problems when you receive your order please contact us straight away and we will use our best endeavors to rectify any issues fairly.

It is the policy of Lacon Creek Premium Grass Fed Meat to ensure all goods are supplied to our customers in perfect condition and that every precaution is taken to protect the integrity of the product that is sold.

Shipping Policy

Choose Your Nearest Pick Up Point As We Don't Deliver Direct

 We are a family owned farm, not a factory farm & definitely not a supermarket! Our artisan grass fed boxes are packed for you usually once a month so please don’t have the expectation that you will receive it tomorrow. This is slow food!

You can order at any time… orders close middle of the month for pick up on the first Saturday and Sunday of the month. Depending when your order is placed in the cycle you may have an extra month of eager anticipation until your order arrives. When you order, we will be in touch to let you know the expected delivery date. This will give you a bit of time to clean the freezer out!

Our boxes are delivered to a designated pick up point. We are unable to home deliver at this stage as we have a large refrigerated display trailer that is not so practical for some urban streets. Please be patient we are set up for markets and not home delivery. You can pick up from Nanango markets or Caboolture Markets. We do drive through many towns and are happy to co-ordinate a pick up place and time.

(Just send us a message to find out more). 

Yes! We can deliver to you.

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