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The goodMix story, by founder Jeanie McClymont:

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The goodMix story, by founder Jeanie McClymont:

Chapter 1: Blend11 is Born 

The Blend11 started out as something I just wanted to have for breakfast myself. Working as a naturopath in healthfood stores and pharmacies for years, and raising a family had made food and nutrition a big part of my life over the past 17 years.

There were so many breakfast options out there, but I really wasn't happy to feed most of them to my kids / myself, so we'd normally just eat some sort of muesli or porridge with yoghurt, or sometimes eggs or omelette, smoothies etc - but basically, there was no quick, easy healthy option I was 100% happy with.

After seeing a few of the newer muesli-like products arrive on the shelves / in the bulk bins, I started thinking 'hey, I reckon I can do better than these', so with my boss's permission, I had a play with some ingredients, made a 'good mix', and we trialled it in the bins, labelling it 'breakfast booster'.

It started as a simple idea and the mission remains the same:

Bring the benefits of 'food medicine' to the world


Blend11 Ingredients

Chia*, Almonds, Pepitas*, Coconut*, Buckwheat*, Flaxseeds*, Sesame seeds*, Goji Berries*, Raw Cacao Nibs*, Puffed Amaranth*, Puffed Millet*.   * = certified organic ingredient.

If you know your health foods, this ingredient list pretty much speaks for itself. If you don't - we strongly advise looking into each ingredient - or ask anyone you trust who 'knows their stuff nutritionally'. Blend11 is eaten by many naturopaths, personal trainers, drs & other health professionals :)


What you WON'T find in your bag of seeds!!


  • added sugar / sweeteners - you can add your own if desired, but it's delicious even without!
  • artificials - no flavours, preservatives, colours, etc - just 100% natural superfoods. We keep it real and fresh.
  • gluten
  • animal derived products (Blend11 is completely vegan friendly, and supplies many useful nutrients).
  • high levels of chemical residue - almost all our ingredients are grown without chemicals and artificial fertilizers, so are 'cleaner'.
  • high levels of FODMAPS (Blend11 is Monash University Low FODMAP certified & is enjoyed by many following this type of diet for IBS management).
  • GMO's. Eew gross, we don't wanna eat those.


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