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Raw Cacao Protein ball / slice pre-mix!

Perfect for lunch box treats, snacks, a breakfast bite on the run, making raw desserts,  pre or post-workout protein top-ups, with a cuppa….these rich choccy balls are seriously yummy & super nutritious at the same time.

We have 2 sizes to choose from:

750g  pack makes approx 30 x 30g balls (when you add 90g coconut oil –  just follow the easy instructions).

375g pack makes approx 15 x 30g balls (when you add 45g coconut oil – just follow the easy instructions).

Note: they work even without the coconut oil (just add the same amount of water instead, although coconut oil = best for sustained energy & curbing sweet cravings).

Balls made with coconut oil can be frozen or kept in the fridge for up to 6 weeks.

Hint: split your batch into 3 bowls after adding the coconut oil, & add a different flavour to them all – 3 variations to try, after only one quick session in the kitchen! Minimal mess & maximum chocolate…mmm

Sizes 375g (~15 balls) and 750g (~30 balls)

Allergy Info
Allergen: Egg Free, Fish Free, Lupin Free, Milk Free, Organic, Shellfish Free, Soy Free, Vegan, Wheat Free

Up to 3kg = $10
3kg-5kg = $20
Over 5kg is shipped for free!




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