Our Vision

We're working to disrupt the big players in the FMCG industry, to empower small businesses, the local farmers and vendors, and offer a new sales and communications channel that allows consumers to access quality alternatives whilst supporting their local community and keeping green.

  • Get access to FreshYou deserve to have access to fresh seasonal produce, and that's what you can expect when you order locally
  • Transparency in ProductionEnabling a better understanding of how your food is produced, what’s in your food, and where it comes from - we want you to know your vendor
  • Enabling Market AccessSmall vendors should have an avenue to sell their products to people who want them, and not be muscled out of the food industry

Our Mission

We strive to challenge and influence the industry to supply better, healthier produce with a focus on organics, nutrients and knowledge, without focusing on profits. We work closely with producers and small local distributers to bring you the products you want, when you want them – from ‘Farm2market’, fresh to you. We are the first to incorporate an online organic farmers market onto our platform and we are proud of it.

Our core values:

  • Let's be green togetherWe want to be as ‘green’ as possible, efficiently providing food products to customers the easiest way possible and with the least amount of impact on the environment
  • Regulation and QualityOur processes create a self-regulating marketplace allowing vendors and customers to get the best deal possible, while still supporting the producers within their local market
  • To help the little guyWe work with people from all backgrounds, and with various producers and companies that share our vision

If you benefit then the Whole Industry will benefit

Our online farmers market has a number of exciting benefits for farmers and customers alike. Firstly, all of our products are grown by local farmers and are available in their freshest possible condition. We avoid processing and packaging our various food products in order to maximise quality and freshness. Secondly, we understand that attending farmers markets can be difficult. Our online grocery shopping platform makes selling products easier for farmers and grocers who might not be able to attend a farmers market. The ability to buy groceries online also benefits customers, allowing them to enjoy the highest quality produce and enjoy fresh fruit and veg delivery.

In addition, customers can feel good knowing that the money spent on their purchases will go into the pockets of local vendors. This supports the continued production of fresh local produce. Customers can also enjoy knowing that the fresh products they order will be delivered directly to their doorstep.

Get Started Today

Farm2Market is the number one choice for farmers and customers who are interested in online food shopping and fresh food delivery, as well as delivery of alternative food products such as pasta and cereals.

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