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Fresh Box connects you to local, organic and ecologically grown food, easy and conveniently.

- Organic and free from synthetics.

- Always encouraging sustainable practices that replenish and enhance the ecology of the system.

- Low food kilometres = less pollution, less roads and more heart on the journey to your table.

- Conveniently delivered = more time for you to do the things that you love.

- Quality assurance = if you're not happy we will replace it in your next order.

- Higher nutritional value =  your food is picked that day or the day before delivery.

- All farming practices are humane and the animals have a good life and are free range.

Our grocery products are both local and from abroad. We are constantly looking for quality, local products to replace those from abroad. If you are a grower of organic food or a supplier of an organic product please email

Ben is a permaculture designer and specialises in 'growing for nutrient density' with biological and organic practices. He likes to meet new farmers and manufacturers. He inspects each farm to ensure the farmer believes in and practices organic and sustainable farming.

Georgie and Ben love to share their knowledge of health and wellbeing and see a need for the food industry to change for the benefit of us and our children. We supply organic foods that are free from synthetic pesticides, fertilisers and herbicides. These foods are high in nutrient at a time of nutrient deficiency in both soil and our physical body. It is common in conventional agriculture to grow food on dead soil with synthetic fertilisers that embody only a small spectrum of soil nutrients and the wrong type of nitrogen in the form of nitrates. Furthering our concern is the manufacture of GMO crops that contribute to the global problem of soil depletion. We are also concerned about the signs we are seeing in our youth today with high rates of illness and allergies, poor stomach flora and more.

Our community of customers and farmers are dedicated to changing the food system and the regeneration of our local food bowls on the fringes of our towns and cities. Without food sovereignty, who knows how free our children will be. If our food and water is monopolised by external corporations, we are at their mercy. If our food needs are met by our neighbour and members of our community, we have a co-operative food industry that is for its people; both the farmer and the consumer are free from exploitation.

So please join us in creating a better food supply for ourselves and our children. We believe that in doing so our farmers will produce the best food for those that show them the respect they deserve, and our local food industry will be secure and thriving whilst regenerating the wellness of their community.

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Fresh Box Organics

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Return Policy

Fresh Box has a 100% satisfaction guarantee to you. If you are unhappy with a product or our service we will exchange or refund the value of the item or service. Our aim is to please and your feedback is welcome. To make a return, please inform us either by email or phone including a picture and your concern, within 24hrs of receiving it. ALL REFUNDS ARE ONLY APPLICABLE WITHIN 24 HOURS OF DELIVERY.

Orders can be cancelled 24hrs prior to your delivery or earlier. If you cancel within 24hrs or less of your delivery day a 50% charge of the total order will be incurred. The other 50% will be refunded back to the account you paid on.

Shipping Policy

Delivery is free on all orders over $100. Any orders under $100 incur an $8 (inc GST) delivery fee, unless special consideration is made by us. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to pay all delivery, handling charges & taxes as laid out below in these terms and conditions. 

  • We deliver between 12noon and 5pm. We will email you to confirm your delivery day.
  • Leave last weeks boxes out and we will collect them.
  • No need to be home, our boxes have a lid, Please leave out a chiller bag or cold box for cold items.
  • If your positioned outside our delivery zone, Please email us your location and we will see how we can fit you in.
  • If you wish to pick up please do so between 11am - 4pm. Please enter the code 'pickup' at checkout. See ya soon!

Fresh Box cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen damage or theft to your order when left in a designated area specified by you. We recommend that your delivery is brought inside and stored away correctly ASAP.

Yes! We can deliver to you.

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